Take a step into the world of polo, an influential sport known as “The Sport of Kings”. Its origins find their roots in the mists of antiquity, with history recording the ancient Persians playing some 2,500 years ago. The Chinese also lay claim to a polo tradition dating several thousands of years. Most likely, these ancient civilizations adopted the sport from the Central Asian nomads who roamed the vast plains of the continent on horseback.

Historical references to polo date from the reign of Alexander the Great when it served as a training exercise for the Persian cavalry. As Alexander and other conquerors swept across Asia, they carried the game with them.

It was in India, six centuries later, that polo was played for the first time by British tea planters. They in turn brought the sport back to England in 1869 from where the game began its rapid ascent in popularity across the world - an ascent that continues to this day.

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